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Fact vs. Fiction

The photo-making process of these different bodies of work is directly related to the journey of the performance from the subject for the camera. For example, the actual experience of creating each photograph is a part of each individual image. The pretense and/or concept behind this work includes portraying a specific role ‘for the camera’, the concept of how each subject engages within their physical space, the veracity of their gaze, and the notion of fact vs. fiction or false consciousness. I am interested in the feminism associated with my work: feminism in the sense of it being a sub-category that peaks my interest in the philosophies of gender difference. I am also creating narratives… narratives that leave profuse questions for my viewers to ask themselves as they reflect upon my work; the gaze and the saga of each subject becoming more conspicuous or obscure, depending on the viewer, and the suggested narrative left to be concluded individually by different audiences.